Somewhere far below the Galaxy ,

in the shadow of the Cloud Nebula .


i am Plexil
i am a Shumang
i live in this place called Zin
its a city ...

realy it's the only city ,
you see there is nothing realy outside of Zin
so we simply call it "The World".



Its a pretty big place , Zin is .
if you wanted to walk across it , well , I don't know if you could .
I lived all my life near the outer edge of it and i've never seen the other ...

... oh heres Lurk .
i wonder if he's ever been over there .
i should ask him


Lurk is a Mokat that I hang around with .
For some reason , there's not a lot of other shumang living in Zin .
Just as well the few i have come across have been a lot of brain damaged phreaks .

these mokats are chill species ,

i wish i was a kat .

Hey you retarded Fuker . You're gonna fall and bust a hole in that ugly shumang face of youres


Hey let's go to the market . I need to thieve a few things

Sounds good .